Rotating assets on the work order form


This procedure demonstrates how to use the rotating assets feature on the work order form. The Rotating Asset feature allows you to rotate your assets on the work order. Similar to the asset record, the asset can be moved to another location, user, business or the work order itself.

Here’s an example scenario: While tackling a work order, the technician determines that an air compressor pump cannot be repaired. The pump must be rebuilt. The technician can simply click the More, Move Asset button at the top of the work order form to rotate the pump out of production, and into to the repair shop to be rebuilt. 



1. To begin, open a work order, click the More dropdown menu, and Move Asset(s)


2. In the pop up window, fill in the details of the move. In this case the pump needs to go to the repairs shop so it can be rebuilt. Select your Primary Destination Type, and Destination from the dropdown menu, and click on the asset record to add a return date.


3. Select, Set offline during move to set the asset offline, and choose a Reason Offline from the dropdown menu (optional). Select a return date, add any Notes, and click OK.

4. Click OK to complete

5. The move information is now listed on the work order form


6. When the asset has been returned, click Check Back In on the work order form


7. Click on the asset record to change the asset to online


8. Select Set online during check-in, a Reason Online from the dropdown menu, and click OK


9. Click OK to complete


Can I move multiple assets through a Work Order?

In addition, it is possible to rotate multiple assets on a multi-asset work order. When the Move Asset button is clicked at the top of the work order form, all available assets are added to the move pop up window for processing.

1. You can add more assets by clicking the Add another asset


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