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How do I change my username and password?


This article demonstrates how to change your username and password.


1. To change your username and password, start by clicking Account


2. Alternatively, if you have permissions to do so, you can select Settings, Users and the user account


3.The Account tab is selected by default. To change your username, select the User Name field, add a new username and click Save.


4. To change your password, click Change Password


4. Enter the Current Password, New Password, Repeat New Password, and click OK

Note:- Be sure that the new password fulfills the Password Requirements

Password Requirements

  1. Minimum characters: 5
  2. Moderate password strength

When you have a password that meets the requirements, you'll notice "Acceptable" under the password meter.

What makes a password bad or good?

  1. Common words or names are bad:password, apple, admin, daryl
  2. Common phrases, symbols, and abbreviations are bad:
    90210, iluvcake, happymonday
  3. Common patterns are bad: aaaaaa, zxcvbn, qwerty, 123456
  4. Something easy to remember but doesn't follow any patterns are good:correctthehorsebatterystaple
  5. You can use numbers and symbols too, but not necessarily required:ur2b14all!
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