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Q:- We have set our Assets up in a hierarchy - Operations - Boat - Equipment . When we look at the Asset in the Work Request Listing we cannot see which Boat the Equipment Asset is on, nor can we see which Operation the boat is in. It simply shows Generator. 

We really need to be able to see the Hierarchy of Assets in all listings.  Have we set the Assets up incorrectly? How can we solve this?


A:- It sounds like you're missing an "asset labelling convention". Asset labelling is important to differentiate between assets of the same type. For example, you could have an office full of computer monitors. To help the IT repair guy, you could label them monitor 1, monitor 2, monitor 3 etc..

Good practice here would be to choose characters from the asset Location, name and 2 numbers. 

Here are some example of a good asset labelling convention:

  • Conveyor Belt 1 in the Mississauga Site --> Mis-Con-01
  • HVAC 2 in the Toronto Site --> Tor-HVAC-02
  • Generator 1 in the Dublin Site --> Dub-Gen-01

In addition to making it easier to find your asset in your CMMS, the asset code is printed on the standard QR code. Check out Jeff O'Brien's blogpost on Asset Naming Conventions for guidance on creating Asset Codes.

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