How do I see which Guest submitted the Work Request?

Before You Begin: This article applies to the legacy guest request feature. If you're looking for help with the new work request portal, see About the work request portal. If you're not sure which version you're using, check out this article, which helps you identify whether you're using the new portal or the legacy feature.


This procedure will outline how to view which guest submitted a work request. Note:- Guest contact information is only viewable if the settings have been enabled as outlined in the Configure Guest Request Email Notifications procedure.


1. Guest contact information can be viewed in the General tab of the work order.


2. Alternatively, to view guest contact information, you can select the work order list, and add the Requestor Contact column to your view. To add the requestor contact column, select the Select Visible Elements button.


3. Select Requestor Contact and, click OK.


4. The Requestor Contact column will appear in the work order list

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