No work orders generated from scheduled maintenance?

Q. Why wasn't a work order triggered from my scheduled maintenance when a trigger was met?

A. The most common answer to this question is that there is still a work order open that is related to the scheduled maintenance. A scheduled maintenance will not trigger a new work order until the last work order triggered has been closed off. If your scheduled maintenance does not trigger a work order, you should first check the scheduled maintenance Log tab for any open work orders. 

A record of each triggered work order is held in the Log tab under Work Orders Created. Check for open work orders.  The example scheduled maintenance below did not generate a new work order because an open work order still exists.

A. Importing meter readings with a date/time for a future date will cause issues with the triggering of work orders.

A. If you have manually generated a work order prior to your FIXED trigger date, and you have not adjusted the next trigger schedule, then the work order may not trigger. More information on this can be found by reading our What happens when I trigger a Scheduled Maintenance early article.

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