Using parts in scheduled maintenance


When setting up a scheduled maintenance, you can define which parts you want to be attached to each of the work orders generated from the scheduled maintenance.

Note:- Remember to save your work as you go.

1. To add parts and supplies, open your scheduled maintenance. Select the Parts tab and click the New button.


2. Select the Part/supply from the dropdown menu, add the Suggested Quantity, and click OK.


3. Your parts will be displayed in the Parts tab of the scheduled maintenance with a suggested quantity to use.


4. The parts added to the scheduled maintenance will transfer to any work order generated. The screenshot below illustrates the parts tab of the work order generated from the Scheduled Maintenance. Notice how there is a Suggested Quantity containing the amount entered in the parts tab of the scheduled maintenance, and there is also now a space for the Actual Quantity Used. This is where the quantity used while completing the work will be entered. 

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