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Credit card payment failed


Nine Common Reasons Why Credit Cards are Declined

Credit Cards are declined for a number of reasons.  Below is a list of common reasons why credit cards are declined:

  • Card has expired
  • Exceeded the number of transactions per day
  • Exceeded the number of transactions per month
  • Exceeded the daily limit ($)
  • Exceeded the monthly limit ($)
  • Exceeded the limit for an individual purchase ($)
  • New balance has not yet updated ($)
  • Card has been frozen for fraudulent/ suspicious activity
  • Card is recorded as stolen/lost

Expired Credit Card

An expired credit card is the most common reason for a declined card. It’s important to keep your credit card number, expiry date and card verification code (CVC) up-to-date.  

Get in Contact with your Bank

Our records do not indicate in detail why a credit card was declined.  Tenants must contact their bank to resolve this issue.

Update Credit Card Information

To update credit card information see How Do I Update My Billing Information

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