Release Notes 12-June-2016

This release applied an incorrect set of default filters to asset lists. As a result, some customers were not able to view some of their assets.
The issue was identified quickly, and fixed prior to 9:00 am ET on June 13th.
It is important to note that no data was lost in the process; some assets were simply hidden by default. You can view the release notes for that day here: Release Notes 13-June-2016


  • [MCM-3058] - The list of work order is now faster and more reliable
  • [MCM-5648] - The Custom Fields (under the Custom tab of the assets) are not automatically re-arranged.
  • [MCM-5987] - When importing SM, tasks are now tied to their relevant SM asset. This will lead to more accurate reporting. 
  • [MCM-5992] - When creating a project from the work order list, the project will now be in the same site as the work order itself.
  • [MCM-6000] - Hovering on top of a purchase order in the purchase orders list now correctly shows the preview of that purchase order.


  • [MCM-4427] - Administrators now have the ability to edit an asset's offline history.
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