Create a multi-asset work order (or round)


Multi asset work orders, also known as rounds, refer to work orders that involve performing the same set of tasks on similar, or identical assets.  Individual work orders can be grouped together into one more manageable work order, as a multi asset work order or rounds. This helps to prevent long lists of identical work orders.

*Please note- this feature is only available on our professional tiers and above*

1. Start by creating a new work order. Select MaintenanceWork Orders, and click New


2. Select a site


3. Select the first asset from the dropdown menu, and fill out the general work order information 


4. To add another asset, select, Add another asset.


5. Select the asset from the Asset dropdown menu.

Optional: Select the first asset from the Copy Tasks From Asset dropdown menu, to copy over the tasks to the other asset. Click OK to finish.


6. This process can be repeated for the remainder of the assets


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