How do I add parts and labor costs to work orders?


This article will outline how to ensure that both the labor, and parts costs are tracked when completing a work order.


To track labour costs on a work order, ensure that each used is assigned an hourly rate.

1. To add an hourly rate, select SettingsUsers, and select a user


2. Enter a hourly rate into the Hourly Rate field and click Save


3. Any tasks completed by a user that has an hourly rate, will have their hourly rate multiplied by the time spent on the task.  This can be verified in the Work Order Log tab.



When you consume parts during a work order, the cost of the parts is automatically added to the total cost for the repair. To ensure parts costs are billed to the repair, you must make sure the last price field for the part is populated.

1. To add a last price, select SuppliesParts And Supplies, and select the parts and supplies record.


2. Add a value to the Last Price field, and click Save.


3. Any parts consumed in a work order will have their last price multiplied by the quantity consumed in the work order.  This can be verified in the Work Order Log tab.

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