What do you do when you have similar assets at your organization?


If your facility or organization has multiple assets of the same type, then it makes sense to try to use the duplicate function to reduce the amount of steps that you need to take to populate your CMMS. The duplicate function allows you create a copy of the asset and its information.  It also includes an option to duplicate any scheduled maintenances associated with the asset in the same instance.

1. Create a new asset as per the Add Equipment procedure. Add custom fields, any documents, images or links to files etc.


2. Optional: Create an individual or many new Scheduled Maintenances for the asset.


3. Select Assets, and hover the cursor overtop of the record to select the duplicate button.


4. Name the asset, select if it's In location, or As part of and pick the location from the dropdown menu. Check off Include the maintenance schedules in this copy to duplicate any scheduled maintenances related to the asset, and click OK to finish.


5.  The asset is now duplicated.


6. The corresponding scheduled maintenances are also duplicated.


7. Open the duplicated Scheduled Maintenances and click Paused to activate them.


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