Release Notes 25-June-2016

Fixes & Improvements

[MCM-6064] - Calendar - The days are aligned to right and dates are aligned to left. Now made the everything align to the same side:


[MCM-5716] - Scheduled Maintenance: Order of Task Groups on a PM switches when the PM is duplicated. Issue resolved - you can duplicate a scheduled maintenance and the ordering of the task groups will hold. 

[MCM-5858] - Sort by task name in Task Group Screen doesn't work. Issue resolved - you can now click the column header and the column will sort ascending or descending:

[MCM-6005] - Report Builder - Cannot Drag & Drop to the right. Issue resolved - you can now drag and drop columns in teh report builder either left or right:


[MCM-6015] - Purchase Order hover over preview doesn't show any results. Issue resolved - you can now hover over the PO on in the PO screen and the hover over preview window on the right will show the results for that PO:

[MCM-6036] - Import: Cannot view assets that are imported. Issue resolved - when you import assets into the CMMS, they will appear in the hierarchy OK. 

[MCM-6047] - Allow CRUD access to user groups via API & Associated docs

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