How can I get a backup of my database?


The new database export feature, available exclusively for Enterprise subscribers, gives system administrators the ability to download their CMMS data and keep a copy of it for their records. In addition to having a backup copy of your data, you can also upload your CMMS data to another third party service for data analysis purposes. However, we do recommend exercising caution if you plan on storing, sending, or uploading your data to any other third party services. This is critical if your data contains sensitive company information given that the upload may expose your data to third party security vulnerabilities.  You can request this info using the Database Export tool.


1. As an administrator, click Settings, Security & Infrastructure, and Database Export


2. From here, you have a few different options :

  • "include files" will add all your files stored in the CMMS (such as asset pictures, receipts, user manuals, etc...) to the archive. Please note that adding your files to the archive will increase its size. This means that the transfer time will be much higher, as the strain on your network. Talk to your IT team if you're unsure about your bandwidth or free disk space.
  • "Set password" will add a password to the archive file. We recommend writing this password down and keeping it in a safe place given that we do not support password recovery at this point in time.
     Also, please note that you may have to use a third-party tool to un-zip a password-protected file depending on the operating system you are using.

3. When you click Launch Generation, the CMMS will generate an archive (.zip file) of your database. When the archive is ready, you will see it in the list.


4.  Clicking on Download" will then allow you to download the file to your computer.


5. When you've downloaded your archive, you'll see that it contains a .sql file, as well as all the files that you uploaded in your CMMS (e.g. pictures, user manuals, etc). You can easily import the .sql file into whichever system you have, whether it's in-house or hosted. 

Please note, that this .sql file follows the MySQL standards. We may provide more SQL dialects in the future.


What Can You do with the Database Download?

Once you've downloaded your database backup, you can use it in a number of ways.

  • You can simply archive it somewhere safe, according to your corporate data retention policy
  • You can load it into another database. This is useful if :
    • you want to perform complex analytics in a Business intelligence suite
    • you want to upload that database into your ERP system
    • you want to have a look at your raw data, without any user interface.

We store the data using MySQL server, so you can install MySQL server, and load the data there as well. You can download MySQL here:

Once you're set up, here's the knowledge base article from MySQL on how to upload your data to your server:

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