Configure multi-site for your CMMS


This article demonstrates how to configure multi-site. Multi-site is a great way for organizations to keep on top of their maintenance operations across sites, no matter where they are in the world.

By default, when a facility is created before multi-site is enabled, it is located at No-site. No-site is a catch-all for all assets and facilities that aren't assigned to a specific facility or site.

Any top-level facility in the asset hierarchy can be changed to a site:


1. Convert Facilities to Sites

1. To convert a facility to a site, select Settings > CMMS Settings > Sites > New


2. Click on the Add Site dropdown menu



3. Select the facility to be the site


4. (Optional) To configure the site to use a different timezone than the system timezone, select a timezone from the drop-down list. To learn more about site timezones, see Change the timezone for a site.

5. Click OK 

6. The following message is generated. Scroll down to see the three options:


It is advised that you select the second highlighted option, and click OK. This option will move any of the users listed above to the new site.


The location is now listed as a site:


2. Add Users to Sites

Once the sites have been configured, users need to be granted permission at their respective sites. 

1. To add permissions to a user for a site, open a users account profile, click Sites and User Groups and New 


2. Select the Site from the dropdown menu, the User Group, and click OK


3. Permissions are additive.  This means users inherit the permissions from all of the user groups that they are assigned to for a site.  To add a user to multiple groups, simply select multiple groups for a site, and click OK


3. Assign the Guest User to Sites

To allow guests to log work requests at different sites, the guest user profile must be added to the guests group at each applicable site.

1. To assign the guest group to a site, open the guest user profile, select Sites and User Groups, and New


2. Select the site from the Site dropdown menu, Guests, and click OK


3. When the guest logs a request, they will now get to choose the site for their request:

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