Set Up Guest Work Requests

Before You Begin: This article applies to the legacy guest request feature. If you're looking for help with the new work request portal, see About the work request portal. If you're not sure which version you're using, check out this article, which helps you identify whether you're using the new portal or the legacy feature.


All CMMS subscriptions come with the guest requestor portal.  This article will demonstrate how to enable, and configure the guest requestor portal.

Note:  Guest users do not login to the CMMS. They simply submit work requests from the login webpage.

The guest requestor portal is available at the login screen once the feature is been enabled:


Enable Guest Work Requests:

1. To enable the guest requestor feature, start by clicking Settings, CMMS Settings and Work Requests


2. Select Guest Work Requests are enabled and available for public users on the login page, and click Save.


Configure the Guest Requestor Settings:

1.  Work Request Defaults:

The default work order status of a work request can be changed by selecting the Default Work Request Status dropdown menu, and selecting a work order status. Click Save to complete.


2. Standard Input Requirements

Use this section to choose which input fields are available on the Guest Request Form. The top four options represent the standard fields that are available for both the guest work request form, and the standard work request form. The following fields can be enabled for guests:

  • Asset input. This field can be made mandatory.
  • Maintenance type
  • Priority
  • Suggested time


Enabling the four settings adds the following information to the guest requestor form:


The remaining three options are for the standard work request form.  This form is accessed by users that log into the CMMS.  These settings are not applicable to the guest requestor form.


3. Contact Information Input Requirements

To make guest users contact information a required field, select Show contact information inputs, Contact Information is required, and click Save. To send an email to the guest users email inbox when the work order is closed, select Send email when work request is completed and click Save.


When the Show contact information inputs, Contact Information is required option is selected, then the work request form cannot be submitted without completing the contact information inputs


4. Security

The CAPTCHA is a security code that will prevent robots and automated machines filling your CMMS with Spam. See for more details on CAPTCHA. This can be enabled by selecting Enable captcha on guest requests, and clicking Save. Enabling this setting presents all guest users with the CAPTCHA on the guest request form.


5. Multi-site CMMS Users

Multi-site CMMS users have a setting under the Guest Maintenance Service Requests section titled Enable quick link routing to popup work service request form. Enabling this feature generates direct links for the guest request form for each site. These links can be copied and sent to guest users.  This ensures that guests select the correct site for the work request.


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