Create a custom filter for work orders, scheduled maintenance, assets, or parts and supplies


Custom filters are useful when records are too lengthy, and complicated to inspect by eye alone. In order to create a custom filter, it is important to understand the difference between the And/Or operator. The "And" operator indicates that all specified conditions must be met.  The “Or” operator indicates that any *specified conditions *can be met.  To summarize, “And” is exclusive and the “Or” is inclusive. 

Note:- Both the “And” and the “Or” operator cannot be used in the same custom filter


Work order custom filter

1a. To create a Work Order Custom Filter select, Maintenance, Work Orders, and New.  Skip to step 2.


Scheduled maintenance custom filter

1b. To create a scheduled maintenance custom filter select, Maintenance, Scheduled Maintenance, New. Skip to step 2.


Asset custom filter

1c. To create an asset custom filter select, Assets, New. Skip to step 2.


Parts and supplies custom filter

1d. To create a parts and supplies custom filter select, Supplies, New. Skip to step 2.


2. The next steps are the same for each module. Select the variables from the dropdown menus and select the And/Or operator if necessary. When the filter is finished, check-off Save this filter, with the following name, enter a name, and click OK:



3.  Select the custom filter from the dropdown menu to use it


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