Set up my notifications / alerts in account messaging section


This article demonstrates how to configure user notification messaging settings. Each user in the CMMS can have a unique configuration.



1. Click Settings, Users, select a user, and click Messaging


1. Email Messages And Alerts:

  • Email All Messages: An email is sent to the user’s external email account like gmail, outlook, hotmail etc. To stop email notifications being sent to your external account, uncheck the checkbox and select Save from the right hand side of the browser window.
  • Internal Email All Messages – An email is sent to the users CMMS account. Internal email messages are viewed by signing in and selecting Notifications
  • Push Notification Messages: A notification is sent to the users mobile device, for active work orders, that the user is assigned to.  The user must be logged into the mobile application, and be connected to the internet to receive notifications.


2. Work Orders and Work Request:

In this section, the user can select what type of emails they choose to receive, regarding any status changes to work orders or work requests.


3. ....For the following Assets:

This determines which assets you receive those notifications on. Plant managers may want notifications on All Assets, technicians would be more interested on the assets they are assigned to.

  • All assets:  The user receives notifcations for all assets at your site in the CMMS

  • Assets that I am Assigned to:  The user receives notifications for the assets that they are assigned to. The user must be added to the personnel tab of the asset (ideal for larger companies)
  • Assets in the Facilities that I manage:  The user receives notifications for their assigned asset, and all assets below it in the asset hierarchy. For example, if the user is assigned to building 1, then the user will get all of the notifications for building 1, and ever sub-asset below it in the hierarchy.
  • Also, notify me of the work orders without an asset: The user will receive messages for work orders without an assigned asset.

4. Work orders created from scheduled maintenance:

When an asset has a work order for a scheduled maintenance opened against it, then the CMMS does not trigger a second work order. The user can choose to receive a notification when this event occurs.


Select Save for the changes to take affect


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