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Printing basics


This article will go over how to print asset information.  However, work orders, parts, users, user groups, supplies, and reports records can all be printed in the same way. 

Important:- Popups must not be blocked to print. Pop-ups can be managed from your internet browser settings.

1. To print an individual asset record, open the asset record, and click Print


2. Select which sections of the asset record to print. Checking all the boxes will provide all the information in each tab in the print out. Including every parameter often results in a relatively long document.  Remove items from the printout by un-checking the box. Text, .pdf and image files located under the files section can be selected, and included at the end of the document. Click Print to view the print preview.

Note:- Every time you print your settings from last time are saved.  


3. Click Print.


Print Asset Lists

1. To print multiple record in one instance, select the asset list, select the assets to print, and click Print


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