Configure Guest Request Email Notifications


By default, when a guest work request is submitted, the work request is generated in a pending status. User messaging settings can be configured so that users receive notifications for pending work orders and work requests.

1.  To configure user messaging settings to receive notifications for pending work requests, and work orders, select Settings, and the user.


2. Select the Messaging tab


3. For guest notifications, select Pending in the Work Orders & Work Requests section. 


4. "....for the following assets" determines which assets the user receives notifications for. For a small facility with one user, you would select "All Assets". For users that are assigned to specific assets, you would select "Assets I am assigned to". For a larger facility, with area managers, you may select "Assets in the facilities that I manage". Facilities could also be rooms, departments, locations. Users with this option selected will receive notifications for all sub-assets that fall under the facility in the asset hierarchy.


5. Selecting "Also, notify me of the work orders without an asset" will notify the user of work orders without an assigned asset.


6. You can check what assets the user is assigned to in the Log tab of the user record

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