Submit A Work Request


This article will demonstrate how to submit a work request.  Work requests are site specific, so it is important to select the correct site from the dropdown menu.


1. To submit a work request select, Dashboard, and Submit Work Request.


2. In the pop-up window, add the following details:

  •  Description –Describe the issue with as much detail as possible
  •  Asset – Choose the asset you are submitting the request for.
  •  Maintenance Type – What type of maintenance is required
  •  Priority – How critical is the work? The priority when coupled with the Maintenance Type will give the administrator, or the requestor a better idea of which user/group to assign the work order to based on their skill sets and the urgency of the work.
  •  Suggested time – An estimate (in hours) on how long the repair work will take. This can be changed by the administrator.
  •  Track Ticket For User - This will add another user to the notifications tab of the work order. This can be the requestor themselves, or any other user in the CMMS
  •  Assign Ticket to User/Group - This gives the requestor the ability to assign the work order to an individual user, or a user group.

The details you require here can be controlled in the same manner as external guest work requests from your CMMS Settings and Work Requests.

3.  Click OK to submit the work request.

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