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Guest Users Overview

Guest users have the ability to submit work requests without ever actually signing into the system. Guests don't need to access the system to process work orders, they just need to navigate to the login page to submit work requests. This can be done in one of two ways, from your computer, or through the mobile app. This example will demonstrate how to submit a guest work request from your computer. When used correctly, the guest work request will quickly become an indispensable feature for your company's maintenance.



Ensure you have turned on guest request functionality for your CMMS using the set up guest work requests procedure.


Create a Guest Work Request

1. To submit a guest work request navigate to the login page, and click on the Submit a Maintenance Service Request button


2. Select the site that the request will be directed to.


3. Add all of the necessary details related to the issue. The details that are required can be tailored in your CMMS Settings and Work Requests

  • Contact Details: The more contact details the better. Giving the maintenance team as many details as possible means that if they have any questions relating to your request they can contact you ASAP, thus decreasing their response time. 
  • Description - Be as detailed as possible. That way the maintenance team can prioritize the issue and address it accordingly. It will also ensure they prepare the correct PPE, tools and equipment to rectify the issue safely and quickly.
  • Asset - Select the asset from the asset hierarchy. The quickest way is to start typing in the search box by machine name or code. In this example, we chose 'Fermenation Tank 1'
  • Maintenance type - This is an optional field that gives you the ability to classify the issue. Your maintenance manager can change the classification if necessary.
  • Priority - This is an optional field that gives you the ability to specify how important the request is. Your maintenance manager can change the priority level if deemed necessary.
  • Suggested time - This is an optional field that gives you the ability to specify how long you think the issue will take to resolve. Again, your maintenance manager can change this if deemed necessary.
  • Captcha code - This security code will prevent robots and automated machines from filling your CMMS with Spam. See for more details on CAPTCHA.


4. Click OK when all the guest request fields are filled. The maintenance manager will then receive the work request into the queue for approval and resolution. If your organization has enabled guest work request notifications in the settings section of your CMMS, the requestor will receive notifications letting them know that the request has been submitted, and when it has been completed. 


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