What is schedule compliance?

A complete overview of PM compliance, how to set up your PM schedule, can be found on our blog :

Scheduled compliance is calculated as the percentage of work orders generated from PM's that have been completed on time. It compares completion date versus suggested completion date. Each scheduled maintenance must have the "Estimated completion days after WO created" field populated to automatically populate the suggested completion date field in the work order.

The best way to show a PM compliance trend is to either run the PM compliance weekly or monthly report :

Example of a calculation 

Week 1 5 PM work orders scheduled, 4 completed

Week 2 5 PM work orders scheduled, 1 completed

Week 3 5 PM work orders scheduled, 5 completed

Week 4 5 PM work orders scheduled, 4 completed

Your PMC score = (4+1+5+4)/(5+5+5+5)= 0.7 or 70% for the Month

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