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Can you trigger a scheduled maintenance early?

Q: Is there a way to get a prior notification or a work order created prior to a SM trigger? We are hoping for a work order to be created 50 hours before a metered event.

I know this sounds strange, however the site needs planning for the equipment to be serviced, but we don't want to set a shorter interval as it would need to be reset every time.


A: The system is not designed to email scheduled maintenance ahead of time. Scheduled maintenance will only trigger when it is due. There are a number of workarounds:

1. Use a forecasting report - simply search for Upcoming scheduled maintenance. This system can be configured to send these emails automatically using the reports scheduler.

2. Create a custom report to view upcoming scheduled maintenance for the week and send it to the respective users. This system can be configured to send these emails automatically using the reports scheduler.

3. Tweak the system to trigger the meter early as follows:

So you buy a brand new car and want to get it serviced every 1000 km, and the odometer is at 0 because it's new. So you build a SM with the trigger set to every 1000 km, and a Start At point of 0. So the first SM will trigger at 1000, then 2000, etc. 

But if you want advanced notice, say 50 km before, you leave the trigger at 1000 km, but you set the Start At to -50. This means the first one will trigger at 950, then 1950, 2950 etc. 

So for your purposes, you can leave the interval the same, and then adjust when you want the next SM triggered by changing the Start At point. Negative values are allowed, in case some of the meters are starting at 0.

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