Delete work orders


Deleting work orders is a relatively simple process.  This very short procedure will demonstrate how to delete work orders quickly.

1. To delete work orders simply click Maintenance, Work Orders, select the work orders, and click Delete

Note that once a work order is deleted, there is no way to retrieve the deleted work order.

To prevent users from deleting work orders, you can make changes to the specific User Group page permissions, following the steps below.

1. Go to Settings > User Groups

2. Navigate and Select the User Group > Click on Page Permissions

3. Select 'Assigned Work Orders' from the drop-down Page > Ensure that 'Has 'Delete' Button On The 'Assigned Work Orders' Page' is unchecked.

Complete the same steps on the "Work Orders" Page Permissions as well.




Read this article: Menu And Page Permissions? What's The Difference? 

We have an Audit log feature available on the Enterprise tier where you can track activities.

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