Adding meter readings & text results to labor tasks


Labour Tasks are lists that provide ordered, and easy to complete checklists that users can view on a Work Order. Users can select a task, and check it off the list, easily displaying what has been completed and what hasn’t.  While it's possible to create a General labor task, it's also possible to add Meter Readings and Text Results to a Labor Tasks.

Adding meter readings & text results to labour tasks

1. Select the Labor Tasks tab, and click New

2. In the box that appears, add a task description, assign a user/user group, and add the estimated hours to complete the task. The bottom of this box is where Task Types come into play. There are three options for Task Types:

  • General
  • Text Result
  • Meter Reading


Type 1: General

General is a basic task; one that does not require any additional information. It appears as a standard line item.


Type 2: Text Result

Text Result creates an editable box below the ‘Results’ column in the task list. This is useful for task items that may require additional information such as ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, or specific codes. Whatever is typed into this box is stored within the work order in the database. This way, this information can be viewed at a different time if needed.



Type 3: Meter Readings

Meter Reading function in a similar way as Text Result, and create an editable field in the ‘Result’ column. Meter Readings can be customized to different units such as "Hours", "Meters", "Cycles", Production Hours" etc, just the same way as in other parts of the CMMS.

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