Release Notes 07-Mar-2016


[MCM-4005] - Report Writer defaults to Detail in Master Detail report. Improvement implemented: When a user switches the report from simple to master detail, the band now defaults to Master Header.


[MCM-5605] - Added more options to reports dropdown picker. This gives user the ability to create reports with a host of new parameter including meter reading unit, misc cost type, and reason to set an asset offline.


[MCM-5610] - Files associated with Task Groups are not added to imported SM's. When you import scheduled maintenance using a CSV file, that reference an existing task group in your CMMS, with attached files, the task list on the imported PM will be missing the files. Issue Fixed - Files not lost when associating an existing task group with a new scheduled maintenance import. 

[MCM-5627] - Assets get rearranged in the work order when triggered from a multi asset scheduled Maintenance. Issue fixed - assets now get pushed to the work order in the same order the PM was set up.

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