Release Notes 14-Mar-2016

New Feature

[MCM-5524] - Failure Codes has been release for the Enterprise Tier CMMS. The new feature gives your organization the ability to create failure hierarchies for assets or asset categories within your CMMS. 

See - Failure Codes Blogpost

A full suite of knowledge based articles is available in the HELP Center through the HELP button on the bottom left hand side of the CMMS. You’ll find articles detailing how to turn on the feature, build out your hierarchy, use codes during work orders, and run root cause analysis reports.


Feature Improvements

[MCM-5500] - Allow lists to remember built-in and custom filters when users navigate back to the list screen. We've added a mechanism to remember the user choses on list panes, so that we he comes back to the same screen, he doesn't have to select it again. For now, this has been enabled only on Work Orders, Assets and Users.

To try out the new improvement:
 - Go to the Work Orders page and select a built-in filter.
 - Go to another page and come back to the Work Orders page, the previously selected built-in filter should be kept.

[MCM-5650] - Report Writer X Axis Overlap. When using graphs on reports, the X axis labelling would overlap. Issue fixed - Rotated labelling 45 degrees so it shouldn't overlap. 


[MCM-5649] - Unable to control duplicate function via permissions. Technicians with read only permissions on the asset screen are able to duplicate assets. Issue Fixed and improved - permission to duplicate is controlled by the Create permission on Assets, Scheduled Maintenance, Task groups and BOM groups pages.

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