Release Notes 23-Apr-2016


[MCM-5770], [MCM-5793] - Improvements to speed of CMMS, when accessing CMMS Settings, and switching to a flat view hierarchy.

[MCM-5767] - Improvement on Timeline Filter Page. If a user does not have any preferred events selected for their timeline filter, all activities will be displayed on the timeline.


[MCM-5680] - Fixed a minor issue where the first task, on an imported scheduled maintenance, was not associated to the asset. 

[MCM-5696], [MCM-5775], MCM-5791], [MCM-5791], [MCM-5792] - Fixes related to the rotating assets module. correct warning message now appears when a move cannot be completed, and information relating to moves is now displayed correctly. Drag and drop functionality now works as expected.

[MCM-5761] - Performance improvements when mass updating work orders.

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