Release Notes 02-Apr-2016


[MCM-4832] & [MCM-5672] - Improvements to Localization engine, some fields that were excluded can now be localized.

[MCM-5657] - Improvements to custom fields. Added an informative notice to the advanced customizations section of the CMMS.

[MCM-5668] - Make, model, and unspc code are now listed as visible fields when adding a part to a work order. This also now means parts can be found by searching for any of these fields.

[MCM-5324] - Custom Fields. An Enterprise feature, custom fields allows you to customize work order, project, and asset forms. Custom fields allows you to add new fields, hide/remove existing fields and move existing fields around the afore mentioned forms. These customizations can be set on a per user group level, meaning your technicians work order form can look and feel very different to the manager/admins work order form. For more information on the custom fields or UI customization feature check out the following blog.

Custom field

Restructured work order form


[MCM-5619] - Updates to the workflow engine, new custom fields are now handled appropriately. 

[MCM-5667] - Updates made to some purchase order notification templates to allow for purchase order be sent to suppliers.

[MCM-5569] - Updates to filtering of items on the purchase planning board, for non admin users.

[MCM-5674] & [MCM-5675] - API improvements - User groups and parts are now visible on all sites on the mobile app, without the need to be assigned to No Site.


[MCM-5559] - Creating a new work order no longer adds the user as the 'Requestor' on the work order form, the 'Requestor' is only added to the form when submitting a work request.

[MCM-5686] - Additional 'empty' user line is no longer added to work order notification tab when an existing user in the tab is selected for a second time. The existing user gets updated.

[MCM-5714] - Parts classification (ABC Classification), updates immediately after save, without having to reload the page.

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