Release Notes 28-Feb-2016


  • [MCM-5571] - A security issue was discovered by the Google Security Team in the glibc DNS library this week, and immediately fixed on our platform. The technical security issue is called CVE-2015-7547, you can read more about it here : (Google Online Security Blog)
  • [MCM-5303] - The wrong "Overdue payment" message has been sent to customers on the monthly billing cycle. This is now fixed.
  • [MCM-5530] & [MCM-5497] & [MCM-5591] - The localization engine was improved, with additional fields available, as well as under-the-hood improvements
  • [MCM-5582] - The Scheduled Maintenance import tool now respects the "Default Site" setting when updating existing records
  • [MCM-5583] & [MCM-5587] & [MCM-5596] &[MCM-5603] - Improved security and performance related to login and password changes.
  • [MCM-5584] - It is now possible to customize the visible columns and fields in the asset list view.
  • [MCM-5585] & [MCM-5595] & [MCM-5597] & [MCM-5313] - Custom Fields are now improved, in performance and stability.
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