Release Notes 06-Feb-2016


  • [MCM-5516] & [MCM-5503]- API improvements : you can now create, modify and activate users using the API. Additionally, a small issue was fixed when trying to register a new API application in certain conditions.
  • [MCM-5520] - When adding an additional task to an existing task group, that task will appear in the right order in all scheduled maintenances already associated with this task group.
  • [MCM-5542] & [MCM-5514] - The Account Settings page is now improved : Upgrading your plan now shows the total recurring price of your account. A minor issue related to scrolling was also fixed.
  • [MCM-5529] - When submitting a work request as a logged in user, omitting the "Description" field could lead to unexpected UI behaviour when clicking on the dashboard tiles. This is now fixed.
  • [MCM-5490] - The "Projects" page was revamped and is now much faster
  • [MCM-5475] - The "intBusinessRoleTypeID" field is deprecated now, and reports using that field were automatically migrated.
  • [MCM-5523] - The "Drag-n-Drop" mechanism used to upload files to the CMMS (for example, in the "files" tab of an asset) is now up-to-date.
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