Release Notes 10-Jan-2016


  • [MCM-5342] - On the purchase planning board, when a list of items from the same supplier is displayed on multiple pages, the header allowing to select all items from the supplier is now shown on all pages. 
  • [MCM-5416] - On a scheduled maintenance, you will now see the list of parts that are in the asset's bill of material. This behaviour is now similar to the one experienced on a work order.
  • [MCM-5418] - the option to duplicate a scheduled maintenance is now more robust when the scheduled maintenance contains a nested schedule.
  • [MCM-5419] - MASource's option to list your CMMS items is now available again.
  • [MCM-5426] - On a part and supplies' business tab, you now have the option to automatically add the "Ship To" and "days to delivery" options to a request for quote created when a low stock occurs.

  • [MCM-5428] - The Spare Parts List Report (Excel) rendered in Excel Spreadsheet no longer adds some blank rows in cases where the location name is too long.
  • [MCM-5429] - Assets, task groups and scheduled maintenances can be copied from parent tenant to child tenant without any issues.
  • [MCM-5439] - When editing multiple work orders at the same time, you are now prevented from adding a user to a work order if the user does not belong to the same site as the work order. This only applies when you're an admin.
  • [MCM-5440] - On the ABC Classification, the displayed total for class is now fixed and will add up to 100%
  • [MCM-5097] - When using the database backup tool, you will no longer be able to download deprecated tables
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