Release Notes 17-Jan-2016


  • [MCM-5332] - An edge case where the "Work Request Submitted" notification template" was broken led to the "Guest" user being activated in CMMS. This is now fixed.
  • [MCM-5438] - Charts now provide more details when created using the reports writer: bars and 3D graphs are now properly aligned, and labels are now cleaner.
  • [MCM-5446] - With "Multi Attach Actions" enabled (in Settings > CMMS Settings), you can now associate a part to a facility.
  • [MCM-5393] - Usernames are now cleaned up by default : we do not allow spaces anymore, as they tended to confuse users, especially when entered by mistake at the beginning or end of the username.
  • [MCM-5398] - Users who have no access to the API will not see the section anymore in the user and user groups settings.
  • [MCM-5447] - Users of the Starter CMMS now have access to Accounts and Charge department settings under Settings > CMMS Settings > Lookup tables.
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