Release Notes 13-Dec-2015


  • [MCM-5341] - You now have the ability to update your logo branding. If you have the option enabled, navigate to Settings > CMMS Settings, from here you will have the option to edit or remove the branding of your CMMS.

  • [MCM-5372] - An inconsistent behaviour was found when duplicating Parts and Supplies. This is now fixed, Parts and Supplies will be duplicated as expected.
  • [MCM-5373] - Small improvement : the BOM Group Manager list is sortable by its "name" column now, exactly as other columns in the CMMS. Simply click on the column itself, and the list will be sorted.
  • [MCM-5379] - Duplicating a Scheduled Maintenance does not interfere with the original Scheduled Maintenance. Previously, duplicating a Scheduled Maintenance would alter the original name of the Scheduled Maintenance.
  • [MCM-5401] - Non-Admin users now have the ability to create work orders from our "quick actions" menu.

  • [MCM-5387] - When Duplicating assets, it is now possible to directly rename the new asset.

  • [MCM-5388] - Scheduled Maintenances are now abailable in the Database export
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