Release Notes 06-Dec-2015


  • [MCM-5325] - A Work Order can now be deleted even if there are files attached to some of its tasks. Previously, this was not possible, and showed an error message "This record, in table tblWorkOrderTaskFile could not be deleted because there are related records in the table tblWorkOrderTaskFile".
  • [MCM-5327] - A security restriction implemented in a previous update stopped the "Batch Stock Update" from working, this is now available again.
  • [MCM-5331] - In the Report Writer, you can now sort a "Master-Detail" report by a field appearing in the Master header.
  • [MCM-5337] - Speed improvement for Database exports. In cases where a customer has a large database and a large number of attached files, the exported database will be available for download much faster.


  • [MCM-5295] - Change the RFQ Description column name to Name. In the "Preview" of a Purchase Order, the "Description" column is now called "Name".
  • [MCM-5330] - Users list now saves filters : the filter (Active/Inactive/All) that you set when viewing user will be carried across different screens. For example, if you choose "inactive" users when assigning a Work Order Task, the next time you open the users panel, it will keep the setting and show inactive users.
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