Release Notes 27-Sept-2015


[MCM-5038] - Multi select option now available on reports. One report can solve many cases. Users can now build reports that give the user the ability to have one, all or many input parameters:



[MCM-5108] - System Notifications window on the Dashboard isn't working. When you click a link, it doesn't bring you to the Maintenance Assistant website as in the past. Issue Fixed - The system notifications links are now working ok again.


[MCM-5101] - Issue in scheduling standard reports with object parameters in work flow engine. On scheduling a standard reports in WFE, reports with object parameters (asset, user, etc) not showing the drop down option. For example, "Asset" should be a drop down but it is showing as a text box. Issue resolved. 


[MCM-5112] - Asset Event Table should show the event type/name instead of just the code


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