Release Notes 29-Nov-2015


  • [MCM-5261] - Items added to the purchase planning board now show the "last price" (from the parts & supplies page) as their listed price.

  • [MCM-5312] - Refinements on the "Epic Feature Notice" and "Dashboard Notice" functionality : campaigns created by a distributing partner will only be seen by their own customers. Epic Feature and Dashboard notifications created by Maintenance Assistant will not be shown to a distributing partner's customers.

New Features : 

  • [MCM-5316] - The "Database Export" feature is now available to all our "Enterprise" customers. This feature allows administrator to download a copy of their database in .sql format, as well as all the files uploaded in their CMMS. For more information on how to use the feature, have a look at our help page here.
  • [MCM-5272] & [MCM-5297] Distribution partners now have the ability to copy items from their "Master CMMS" to their "Child CMMS". This is useful when you want to copy task groups or scheduled maintenances, and reuse them for all your various sites that share the same equipment.
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