Release Notes 01-Nov-2015


  • [MCM-4336] - On a Work Order, files attached to a Task group are now attached to the Work Order itself. You can attach a file to a Task Group, and that file will be available on all Work Orders and Scheduled Maintenances that reference this task group. You can learn more about task groups here.
  • [MCM-5215] - In the Partner Dashboard, statistics are now more precise. This applies to : Unique users that viewed, Unique users that viewed more than once, Unique users that have unfollowed.
  • [MCM-5221] - On a Work Order, if an asset was moved to another location (using the rotating assets feature), additional details are shown. This provides a bigger picture and allows anyone looking at the work order to locate the asset, even if it was moved somewhere else.


  • [MCM-5220] - The Purchase Planning Board is now faster
  • [MCM-5222] & [MCM-5234] - The Reports module now accepts symbols in the report name  
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