Release Notes 19-Oct-2015

Feature Improvement

[MCM-5136] - Add rotating assets widget to the work order form. It is now possible to rotate your assets on the work order. Just like on the asset record, the asset can be moved to another location, user, business, or the work order itself.

For more information, check out the rotating asset Blog or Help Centre Article.



[MCM-4877] - Rotating Assets: limit move request to one per asset. If an asset is in the process of being moved by one user, and sitting in the request status, it is not possible to submit another request.

[MCM-5160] - "Maintenance Type" font colour doesn't respect the background colour on the Dashboard "Assigned Work Orders". System is still selecting white text on light colours background. Issue fixed - when maintenance type background colours are light, text automatically reverts to black.

[MCM-5161] - Report writer filter form doesn't prevent save on validation. When you add a filter and don't fill in all the parameters it lets you save the filter and close out of it. The report them fails on execution. Issue resolved - system now validates the filter before exiting the filter screen.

[MCM-5166] - WO: Negative values can be entered into the Actual Quantity Used field for parts/supplies. If you enter -10, the system will consume +10 units of the part. Issue fixed - The system displays a warning message to prevent users from saving negative value.

[MCM-5170] - Low Stock Quantity isn't updating from new receipts generated through the "Current Stock" module. Issue resolved - You can now click through to the part record from the current stock screen, receive against the part, and the current stock level will be adjusted accordingly.


[MCM-5174] - Dynamic date parameters eg.,"Start of Current Week", "End of Current Week" etc. are affecting Custom Scheduled Reports. Scheduled report generates error message when Date parameters are dynamic and the report is built using the report writer. Issue resolved - Users can now create and execute schedules on custom reports using dymanic dates.


[MCM-5185] - You can change an asset from equipment to location by changing the asset category hierarchy. This is now locked down to Maintenance Assistant Tech Support only. 


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