Release Notes 15-Nov-2015


  • [MCM-5232] - Purchase Request Admins previously had an issue when submitting a purchase request in a multi-site environment. They can now choose which site to submit a request to, which is consistent with other similar operations in the application.

  • [MCM-5282] - Reports Writer: You can now select a stock as a report parameter. In the past, the report writer would show an error when using a stock as a filter. This lets you create more advanced reports related to parts and supplies.
  • [MCM-5284] - Pagination problem on ABC setup form : previously, when you had more than 60 parts in a single ABC group, there was an issue when navigating from one page to the next, which is now fixed.


  • [MCM-5024] - Meter reading screen is now more optimized, specifically when cancelling the entry of a meter reading.
  • [MCM-5255] - QR codes printing enhancements : You can now print multiple QR codes for the same asset on the same sheet. This lets you print a label 10x for a part, for example. Additionally, an "offset" setting was added, letting you leave empty labels at the beginning of a printout, thus giving the option to re-use a partially used label sheet.

  • [MCM-5256] - Work Order printout additional details : When printing a work order, you now have more room for the completion notes (which were too small to add any details previously), but you now also have access to the hierarchy of each asset (letting you easily locate your asset), as well as information related to the asset location if the asset was moved away from that original location (using the rotating assets feature)
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