Release Notes 12-Oct-2015

New Feature

[MCM-5077] - Resource Mapping (also called database schema) is now available for customers wishing to build their own custom reports using the report builder. When you click to select the master table, the popup window now has links to the database schema on the right hand side: 

When the user clicks any of the Info hyperlinks, another window pops up with the resource map for that table showing related tables. The resource map is used to present a detailed data model of a database and the various relationships between data.


The new resource mapping tool designed and built by Willie Wong is intuitive and will help you to interact with the database visually, without the need to be a database expert.



[MCM-4863] - When you login into a CMMS (i.e: Testdrive), then go into another CMMS at the same time, you will get a js alert saying you may have been disconnected preventing you from logging in. Improvement implemented - Users can now log into multiple CMMS applications at the same time. However, when they log out of one, they are logged out of all at the same time. 



[MCM-4537] - Simple Filter on the custom reports doesn't respect time zones. Time reverts to GMT. Issue resolved - dates now respect timezones.

[MCM-4932] - Assigned Assets: assets assigned to a user reporting to me appear in my "user reporting to me" list, but not on that user's list. Issue resolved. When "Me and users reporting to me is selected", it should show assets assigned to me, the groups I belong to, every user that is reporting to me, and any group that any of the users reporting to me belong to. When a specific user is selected, it should show assets assigned to him and the groups he belong to.


[MCM-5061] - Contents column in Notifications tab displayed as HTML. Email should show contents of email instead. Original Issue:

Issue Fixed. HTML no longer visible in contents column.


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