Release Notes 20-Sept-2015

New Feature

[MCM-4908] - Cycle counting & ABC Identification. The feature is currently in BETA testing and due to go on general release 28th Sept 2015.



[MCM-5010] - If a scheduled maintenance trigger is set to every 31 days, next trigger threshold changes to every 30 days, then to every 29 days after February permanently. It does not return to the 31st. Issue Fixed - Triggers now revert to 31st after shorter months.


[MCM-5020] - Asset search does not filter for fields with a "new line". For example, if you had more than 1 line in the description box, it doesn't search text on lines 2 or above. Issue Resolved - You are not limited by the new line character and can now search the entire text box for required text.

[MCM-5004] - The "Time Zone" setting has been moved from the business section to the System settings tab, making it easier to access. In addition, new customers are prompted to update the time zone setting when they first login.

[MCM-4904] - New users are now prevented form from entering the same email in general information & accounts payable fields, thus creating two user accounts with same email address, and removing ability to use password reset feature.

[MCM-5049] - System Optimization. The Work Order import code was Optimized to speed up the process. It is now possible to import Work Orders faster.

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