Release Notes 31-Aug-2015

New Features
- Asset costing & budget rollup now available in the Financials tab of the asset record.
- Workflow Engine now available for enterprise users. The workflow engine helps you improve the efficiency of maintenance personnel by eliminating redundant steps while updating work order, asset or parts records. The system automatically triggers email notifications, escalations or activities at exactly the right time based on the predefined set of business rules. For more information, see the workflow section of the helpdesk, or our workflow blog post.
- Help Page improvements - new Help Center. We’ve completely revamped the Help Center making it more efficient and easier to use, delivering a better support experience for all our MA CMMS users around the world.
- Web mobile now has banner to send people on to the apple/android
- Allow customers to fix Sites conflicts. When a user detects site inconsistencies either on the hierarchy or when running reports, they can now manually fix site inconsistencies in the settings section of the CMMS.
- WorkPack (print files attached to WOs). When printing work orders, it is now possible to print any attached files such as images, schematics or work packs. 
- Reports area is now redesigned to allow people better categorization, favorites, and ability to duplicate designer reports
Important Items
- Security: Administrator can now force password reset, or have password reset policy (user must change password every XX days).
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