Release Notes 04-Oct-2015


[MCM-5102] - Enable Cycle Counting for all enterprise tenants. This new feature let’s organizations easily automate an audit of their stock to ensure stock levels are always at an optimal level. For more information, see the parts & supplies section of the help center.



[MCM-4993] - Import is not creating stocks items. When stock items were imported, they were set to the default site in the hierarchy. Issue fixed – stock item now created when importing parts & supplies:



[MCM-5078] - Error message generated when adding Task Groups to Scheduled Maintenance Labor Tasks window that has no default Labor Task. Oops error generated. Issue fixed - If there is only one asset left on a multi asset scheduled maintenance, the default task will be created with that remaining asset. If more than one assets, default task will be created without asset 

[MCM-5088] - All existing work orders associated with a Scheduled Maintenance are updated with project information when a project is added to the Scheduled Maintenance. All corresponding work order emails also sent. Issue fixed – existing work orders are not updated when a scheduled maintenance is updated with project info. Only net new work orders generated from the scheduled maintenance will show the scheduled maintenance information.


[MCM-5106] - Cannot uncheck the "use this address" option on facility form. When a user unchecks the "Use this address" option for a child location asset in the hierarchy, enter an address for the sub asset and saves, the address is wiped out and the checkbox is turned back on. Issue resolved - it is possible to have a different address on a sub asset in the hierarchy. This is ideal for large campuses such as schools, colleges and universities. 


[MCM-5113] - Report Writer: Moving columns corrupts column header data. When a user reorders the columns in the report header, where the same column name exists from multiple tables, the report only shows the data from the first table. Issue now resolved – users can now drag and drop columns without issue.


[MCM-5120] - Report won't generate when using parameters in the advanced filter. Report simply error out. Issue fixed – parameters can now be used as per design.


[MCM-5140] – When Moving Assets using the rotating assets feature, the Drag & Drop asset Pop up box displays HTML code when confirming the move.

Issue resolved. Box now rendering correctly


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