Sorting work order codes


The system automatically generates a sequential work order number for each work order. The work order number also represents work order codes. Notice the work orders list in ascending order - the earliest assigned work order comes first, the most recent one comes at the bottom of the list.


1. Click Code in the headers to reverse the order in the list.


2. Work orders are now listed in the descending order


Note:- You may see 1,10,11 rather than 1,2,3 etc when sorting by work order code. Some of the older CMMS accounts have a combination of different variables in the work order code - date, asset, code, name etc. Therefore, the code is actually a string field made up of numbers, letters and characters. It is difficult to sort by those combinations. As a result, you cannot sort by Work Order Code. The code is sequential but can get lost in the string. However, if you only want to sort by code, there are two work arounds:

Sort by Date Created

Codes are assigned to new work orders so the next code gets assigned to the next work order created.


Sort by ID

ID is an internal code used by FIIX but we have made it available. If you add "work order ID" column to your view, you can sort by that. It will by default sort the work order code by code. 


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