Set up your tools using our built-in "find parts" tool


This procedure will go through the creation of tools using our built in 'find parts' tool in your CMMS. Generally, setting up tools follows a similar path to equipment, however in this example we will outline another way to achieve this.

1. Navigate to Assets and click New


2. The next step is to select Tools.


3. In this example we demonstrate how to use the tool to quickly populate Tools information. Alternatively, you can follow the same steps as the Equipment procedure. The tool allows you to quickly search for Parts, Tools and lots more. In this instance we want to create a hammer to add to our Tools assets. Type Hammer into your name field. In the screenshot below you will see the word 'Hammer' and you will also notice 'Results: 66880'. 


4. To populate the information click on the results field where you will be met with the following pop up box.


5. There are two options marked above.

  • Option 1 adds the missing asset information to the asset you are creating.
  • Option 2 creates a new asset altogether.

For this example we will go with the first option and populate the existing asset with the information.

When you select this option you will be met with the following pop up box. We will choose the highlighted option.


6. As you can see from the screenshot below the majority of information has been automatically filled in. The Business tab was also automatically populated. The next step is to input the location information.


7. You can choose which Aisle Row & Bin the tools are located at by simply entering the information in the relevant field. This information will then be displayed on the asset page when you have Aisle, Row and Bin selected as visible columns as shown in the screenshot below.


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