Populating assets from parts search


The parts procurement module can be used to populate all assets and parts fields directly form your preferred vendor.

1. Start by searching for a piece of equipment: DC Motor

2. Three icons appear next to each item in the list of results:

  • Create a purchase order
  • Update an asset information
  • Create a new Asset 

Note:- Users who do not have permissions to create a purchase order, modify or create an asset do not see the icons.

1. Create a purchase order


1. Creating a purchase order directly adds the part to a Purchase order. It will automatically set associated businesses (Supplier and/or manufacturer), prices, and part details.

Navigate to the Purchase Order page, then click confirm supplier


2. Select an Asset Category associated with the item.


3. Three options determine how to handle the newly created part :

  • Create a new supply
  • Use all the information to buy another asset/supply
  • Do not create a record, but purchase anyway.


4. From this point the item will follow the standard purchasing workflow.


2. Update asset information

1. This option is used to pick an asset and update its information.


2. Updating asset information generates a few options


3. Choose the category of the asset you want to update (Parts & Supplies or Equipment and tools) and then choose whether to overwrite all of the asset's content, or simply add the current supplier to the list of suppliers (Note that on the screenshot, Amazon was the supplier).


3. Create a new asset  


1. Creating a new asset only requires that the asset category is selected.


2. However, when creating a part be sure to create a stock quantity.

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