Introduction to parts search


The parts search feature is used to search for equipment, tools, spare parts, or any supplies directly from within your CMMS.  Asset information can be populated in the CMMS database from Parts Search by using related information directly from leading MRO parts databases. Parts Search is also a great way to compare vendor prices. Finally Parts Search is a marketplace, where Users can sell their used equipment to other Users.

How can I enable Parts Search?

1. The Parts Search toolbar indicates that Parts Search is enabled

2. If however the toolbar is not visible, navigate to Settings, CMMS Settings, Parts Search tab and enable Parts Search there. 

Where do I access Parts Search?

There are two main entry points to using Parts Search.

  • The Parts Search Toolbar
  • The asset name field

1. The Parts Search toolbar

The first one, as depicted in the previous screenshot, is the Parts Search toolbar. It is visible from everywhere in the Web-based CMMS. To use it, simply add an item, press enter, and the Parts Search window will appear.

2. The asset name field

When an asset is selected or when an asset name is entered, click the Results button next to the asset name field.

Once the Parts Search window is open do one of the three options:

  • Browse products: Search and filter your results, compare vendors, access related products
  • Use the items in the CMMS: populate an existing item, create a new one, or create a purchase request.
  • Access the Share marketplace: buy and sell equipment from your CMMS.
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