Consolidated reports

With consolidated reports, we've made it easier to find the reports you need. You can now save time by running a single report with key parameters that generates a report with all your records, instead of having to run a handful of different reports to get the same data.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose any records and your scheduled reports will keep running as they always have.  If you have trouble locating one of your previous reports, reach out to  

What’s different?

Consolidated closed work order reports

We condensed the 44 closed work order reports down to 15 reports. You will find four list reports, eight graph reports, and three Excel dump reports.

Consolidated asset reports

We condensed the 61 asset reports down to 17 reports. You will find 14 list reports, one graph reports, and two Excel dump reports.

Consolidated user reports

We condensed the five user reports down to four reports. You will find three list reports and one graph reports.

Consolidated Open Work Order Reports

We condensed the 47 open work order reports down to 12 reports. You will find eight list reports and three graph reports and 1 Excel dump report.

Consolidated Scheduled Maintenance Reports

We condensed the 4 scheduled maintenance reports down to 3 reports. You will find three list reports.

Consolidated Forecasting Reports

We condensed the 18 forecasting reports down to 8 reports. You will find 4 list reports and 4 graph reports.

Consolidated Inventory Control Reports

We condensed the 28 inventory control reports down to 17 reports. You will find 14 list reports and 1 graph reports and 2 Excel dump reports.

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