Release Notes - 30 October 2017

New features:

Introducing inspection task - you can now select ‘Inspection’ as a task type when you create a new task, configure the inspection task to meet your needs, and complete the task by simply selecting a result.



  1. Introduce more flexibility to preventative work order triggering - you can now configure a Schedule Maintenance so that, even if it has a work order that’s not closed when a trigger threshold is met,  it can still trigger a work order. Let’s say for audit purposes you must have 52 preventative work orders created from a scheduled weekly inspection, you can now simply go to the schedule maintenance and set it up.
  2. Enhance the Task Group, Scheduled Maintenance Task and Work Order Task forms - better, cleaner user interface (UI) to help you set up and complete tasks.
  3. Introduce user group filter in Closed Work Order and Open Work Order widgets - based on your valuable feedback, we’ve added the filter so that you can have better insights into different team’s performance.
  4. Consolidated user reports - We condensed the 47 user reports down to 12 simple to use reports with more filtering options. You will find 8 list reports and 3 graph reports and 1 Excel dump report. Don’t worry, you did not lose any records - all we did was consolidate the reports so there are no duplicates. If you have trouble locating one of your previous user reports, reach out to



  1. Decimal number was not shown correctly on report - the issue is now fixed
  2. Business names were not syncing from Netsuite to FIIX - the issue is now fixed
  3. Barcode scanning did not work on mobile app - the issue is now fixed
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